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Our Philosophy

CohereOne is a full service digital and direct marketing company with one purpose: to help our clients win. Five members of our team have been CEOs of large, successful direct to consumer and/or B2B businesses, so we bring a perspective that most “marketing” companies do not. We combine vast practical experience with talented staff, intelligent tools, analyses and insights to help our clients’ drive winning marketing and merchandising strategies. We firmly believe:

  • Marketing is only effective when promoting a strong brand/merchandise. Marketing can’t help a company sell things that no one wants.
  • Marketing is about understanding and reaching the right consumers, not “optimizing channels.” Customers make purchases, not channels.
  • Data is valuable when it drives specific strategies and tactics with measurable results. Without a strategy and a way to measure it, data just takes up space.

In particular, we are dedicated to helping direct and digital marketers incorporate the concept of “intent” into their marketing and merchandising execution. Transactional history is valuable, indeed.  But it is history.  Consumers continuously leave us digital “clues” about what and when they intend to buy next.  We use these clues to enhance historical data and improve our clients’ marketing and merchandising programs, both online and off.

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Our Story

While many of us have 25+ years in the industry, CohereOne started in February of 2014 with a small meeting in Cabo, and continued with a larger group on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The purpose: to combine traditional direct response discipline, up-to-the-minute digital approaches, and strategic and creative thinking to form a new kind of full service agency, one that values our direct response heritage, but also recognizes how fast the retail climate is changing, and will continue to change.

CohereOne was born on March 1, 2014, with a sole concern: the growth and profitability of our clients’ businesses. We assembled an extraordinary team of direct and digital marketing professionals with vast experience and a history of success in building both catalog and ecommerce brands. We are constantly helping clients evaluate and execute a broad variety of opportunities, and seek out best of breed tools to aid in that execution.

Occasionally, we realize that a new tool needs to be invented, so we develop it! This was the case with NaviStone™, our proprietary digital product that captures web browsing behavior and uses it to enhance direct mail programs and outbound sales opportunities. NaviStone™ has been so well received that we acquired the Melasa Group, the company that helped us develop it. This also gives us a software development and data mining capacity required in today’s rapidly changing world.

We will continue to search out best of breed partners for our clients, and invent new products and services … All in the name of helping our clients win.


Our Clients

We work primarily with companies that utilize traditional catalogs (and other direct mail) and/or ecommerce websites. Many of our clients also have retail stores.

We started with 26 clients, brought over from our team’s individual businesses. Today, we work with more than 60 brands.

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