Midland Paper Packaging + Supplies Partners with CohereOne

April 26, 2017 | Author: Lydia Miner-Voigt

April 26, 2017 (WHEELING, Il.) Midland Paper Packaging + Supplies, an independently-owned paper and packaging company that generates more than $1 billion in annual revenues and employs more than 550 people, has formed a strategic partnership with CohereOne, a full service digital and direct marketing company based in San Rafael, Ca.
This strategic partnership will combine best practices of traditional direct-response marketing with up-to-the-minute digital approaches and creative thinking. The purpose is to effectively leverage both traditional and new media for clients.
As a result of the partnership, CohereOne and Midland Paper will offer a complete suite of consulting services, including:
  • Branding and Creative Services – to improve response rates through marketing-driven creative.
  • Business Strategy and Management – to develop effective brand strategies and integrate them with clients’ business and marketing plans.
  • Contact Management and Customer Acquisition – to help clients find, keep, communicate with, and sell to their customers.
  • Merchandise and Inventory Planning – to create a product assortment and pricing strategy that sells.
  • Print and Digital Production Management – to insure clients’ marketing budgets work smarter and harder across all media.
  • Digital and Social Marketing – to integrate messaging into an omnichannel strategy that drives traffic and generates sales.
  • Paper Assessment – to provide in-depth analysis of paper usage, product choices, price benchmarking, postage, and environmental footprint.
  • Packaging Assessment – to comprehensively review all packaging products and needs, and to make recommendations that enhance quality and drive efficiency.
Jim O’Toole, president of Midland National, a division of Midland Paper Packaging & Suppliers, and a principal in the company, said “We are very excited to have CohereOne as a new strategic partner. Adding their proficiency in multi-channel marketing to Midland’s knowledge of paper and packaging creates a one-stop solution our clients can use to improve the return on their marketing investment. If you think your marketing might benefit from a simple tune-up, or maybe a complete overhaul, we can now offer expertise in every step of the process, from creative to circulation, and product planning to postage.”
Tim Curtis, president and COO of CohereOne, said “We have worked informally with Midland Paper since CohereOne’s inception in 2014. We have seen firsthand the value they offer our clients in the areas of paper, packaging, and postal concerns, and we are excited to expand our partnership. Midland Paper’s ability to analyze a client’s use of paper-based media and packaging is a perfect complement to CohereOne’s intelligent analysis and insight that produces winning marketing and merchandising strategies for our clients.”  
Together, CohereOne and Midland Paper are committed to improving the growth and profitability of their clients’ businesses. 
About CohereOne:
CohereOne is a full service digital and direct marketing company working with more than 60 brands across the United States, including retailers, e-commerce sites, and direct mail marketers. CohereOne’s origins date back to its inception as a CRM agency founded in 1994 providing marketing consulting and services to multichannel retailers.  Rebranded in 2014, the CohereOne staff includes five former CEOs and CMOs of large, successful direct-to-consumer and B2B companies. This vast practical experience, combined with a talented staff and intelligent tools, allows it to help its clients win. Clients may inquire about its services or schedule a complimentary review of any aspect of their marketing plan by contacting Tim Curtis at tcurtis@cohereone.com.
About Midland Paper Packaging + Supplies:
Midland Paper Packaging + Supplies is one of the largest independently owned paper and packaging distributors in North America. It has doubled in size in the last 10 years, validating its strategy of providing relevant products and services to its clients. For a complimentary paper or packaging assessment, clients may contact Jim O’Toole at jim.otoole@midlandpaper.com , or at (847) 777-2707.