Branding Studies

Build your brand using CohereOne customer-centric branding audits

Is it time to reimagine, refine or recalibrate your brand? Or perhaps start a new brand? Then it’s time to tap into CohereOne’s brand-building capabilities with  branding audits.

CohereOne branding expertise releases your company’s group genius to reveal new and unexpected perspectives and insights that can bring your brand to life and help it exceed your customers’ expectations.

The audits include:

  • Touchpoint Analyses to understand what stimuli will elicit the best response from your customers
  • Strategic Vision and Roadmaps to help you figure out where you want your brand to go and how to get there
  • Naming and Architecture to determine the right look and feel for your brand
  • Playbooks to outline the best ways to present your brand
  • Communications Campaigns to get the word out
  • Internal Brand Culture to align your company’s day-to-day operations with your brand’s personality
  • Brand Ambassadorship – both internal and external – to send your brand out into the world with its best foot forward

Your brand is more than your company and its products. It’s a relationship with your customers. With brand audits, CohereOne can help you nurture that relationship and build a successful brand. 


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