Catalog/Direct Mail Circulation Management

Make your catalog investment work harder for you

CohereOne alone delivers integrated media campaigns to drive higher sales, profits, and growth based on the customer’s transactional and digital behavior. Our team is innovative, experienced, and passionate about our clients' success!


Success depends on a “road map” that integrates catalogs and direct mail with digital media: email, advertising, and social.  We go deep with experts who combine client-side experience with hands-on “roll-up-your-sleeves know-how”.  First, we review your past and current marketing efforts to create a foundation of knowledge on which to build a marketing strategy.  Second, we work with you to identify your goals and create a vision for the future.  Finally, we develop detailed plans and budgets.  We assist you in executing each step along the path to success.


CohereOne is expert in targeting the right customers and responsive prospects with integrated print and digital media campaigns. We maximize profitability and meet ROI goals through optimum customer contacts. We apply our expertise to lists, cooperative databases, and digital audiences to efficiently grow your customer base. We use advanced techniques, including modeling of transactional and digital behavior. With CohereOne performing these mission-critical tasks as an out-sourced resource, you are assured of unsurpassed quality with a dedicated team of professionals standing behind you.


Data is important.  But data means nothing without analysis and interpretation.  Our expert team understands the dynamics of direct marketing and provides insights that only a seasoned eye can perceive.  We structure testing and provide response analysis that powers a continuing cycle of marketing improvement.  We help you create KPI’s that allow you to better manage your business across all marketing media.  Advanced Excel, pivot tables, Cognos, Tableau, and other analytical tools are the routine of our team in slicing and dicing data and presenting understandable marketing results.

Best Practices

Catalogs are expensive. When our experts review mailing programs, we almost always uncover major opportunities – in some cases delivering millions of dollars in savings or revenue opportunities. Reviews provide an understanding of customer channel behavior that is key to our recommendations for cost-effective contact strategies, using both print and digital media. Customer acquisition programs are optimized to meet ROI goals.  We address database integrity, merge-purge process, and order attribution.  Our goal is to assure that your team is always employing best practices.


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