Catalog Response & Matchback

Regain control of your postal efforts with Catalog Response & Matchback

With the arrival of ecommerce, judging catalog performance has become more difficult by orders of magnitude. Companies no longer have a high source code capture rate. So, to evaluate the demand driven by your postal efforts, you have to perform matchbacks and create a fair and equitable allocation strategy.

In determining the proper allocation methodology incorporating business rules for orders driven by all marketing channels, CohereOne has a great deal of expertise. Your CohereOne consultant will help you evaluate the following:

• Source of data available for analysis
• Independent “pushers and catchers” for orders
• Most appropriate allocation model for reporting and planning

This process ensures that all promotional channels are accounted for and provides the necessary marketing intelligence to make smart, informed business decisions.

Add to your ability to make smart decisions with Catalog Response and Matchback services from CohereOne.


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