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Open the door to more powerful creative and a stronger brand

CohereOne’s Creative Consulting services offer the expertise of a creative team that knows how to develop, create, and produce print and digital marketing materials that sell your products. Our team can design and produce your catalog, direct mail pieces, web site, emails, and collateral for you, or we can guide your in-house creative team to ensure that they are as efficient and productive as possible.

Services the CohereOne creative team provides include:

Developing creative direction and your brand’s look and feel

  • Launching or redesigning digital and print marketing materials
  • Ongoing design, art direction and production services
  • Project scheduling, management, and training
  • Ensuring proper product mix and density in your catalogs
  • Designing and developing page layouts, wireframes and copy themes
  • Art directing photography
  • Producing inspiring copy that sells
  • Recommending and vetting vendors for photography, prepress, printing and paper
  • Overseeing print production to ensure the highest quality

Whether you need full-service creative support or guidance for your in-house team, CohereOne has what you’re looking for.

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