Creative Strategy Audit

Get on the road to brilliant creative

What can a Creative Strategy Audit do for you? After reviewing your current efforts, it could increase your revenues, bring in new customers, raise your conversion rate, and position your brand more powerfully. Maybe even turn your whole business around.

In talking to hundreds of retailers and catalogers over the years, CohereOne has found that many of them are grappling with similar issues. Maybe you recognize some of these tell-tale signs:

You’ve reached a plateau. Sales have been looking good over the past couple years, the line on the graph keeps going up and to the right, and then suddenly it’s flattened out. What’s going on?

Your creative isn’t evolving. You’re running out of ideas on how to present your products — in your catalogs, on the web, in emails. Maybe your in-house creative team lacks fresh ideas; they’re stuck in a rut. What can you do to freshen things up?

Your process and schedule seem out of whack. Things are taking longer than they seem like they should. Your creative team, photographers, stylists, copywriters, and production vendors are like ships passing in the night. How do you get back on track and get everyone coordinated?

Competitors’ catalogs look better than yours. So frustrating. Why can’t ours look like that? What are they doing that’s making their catalog so much more appealing? Sometimes the answers aren’t obvious.

The Sleep Aids aisle at CVS is calling your name. You’re losing sleep over the direction your business is headed. You’re feeling depressed about what the future looks like. You’ve made some great changes, tried some innovative ideas, done a good amount of research, but things still could be better.

Many businesses have experienced this same trajectory. They’ve hit the plateaus. They’ve felt a let-down when they see their newest catalog looking just like the last one, and the one before that, and the one before that…. They’ve cursed their competitors for doing it better.

And they’ve asked CohereOne to do a Creative Strategy Audit.

What does the Audit entail? Typically, you gather some information for CohereOne to study. Next, you meet with your CohereOne consultant to review what you've been doing, how you've been doing it, what your goals are, and how you can get on the road to achieving them.

Do you think your brand could benefit from bringing in an incomparable team of catalog and ecommerce executives to help you bump your business up to the next level? If you’re ready to find out, CohereOne is ready too.

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