Use data co-ops the right way to find new customers with CohereOne’s Known Audience Marketing

Individual people buy products and services, so it’s important to drill down as far into personal preferences as possible when you sell to them.

So why do so many marketers give data co-ops like Abacus, Datalogix, Wiland and KBM their unrefined current customers as the base for prospect-finding models? The best they end up with are broad generalizations that can’t pinpoint the most promising segments.

The key is to provide specifics, such as the medium (direct mail, website, email, etc.) that succeeded in eliciting a customer’s response. Co-ops can use this kind of information in their model to find higher-quality prospects.

With Known Audience Marketing (KAM), CohereOne is opening new frontiers to substantially improve your ability to identify the best prospects. 

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