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Harness the power of and other marketplaces to drive sales

Growing your brand is a long-term process, but digital marketplaces can provide shortcuts. For example, accounts for about a third of all ecommerce transactions in the United States and is growing twice as fast as ecommerce in general.


The dominance of the Amazon Marketplace can be daunting because Amazon is continuously changing and moving toward a self-service model for 3P sellers.  Without the time, dedicated resources, expert knowledge and proper strategy, most sellers fail to optimize their Amazon growth opportunity.


Other marketplaces, such as,, Wayfair and are options as well. They could represent opportunities to generate incremental revenue, increase your brand exposure and acquire new customers. You just have to find your niche.


CohereOne can help. Your CohereOne consultant will work with your team to develop the right strategy for your brand and provide a blueprint for execution. After all, they’ve done it before. They’re former CEOs or CMOs of successful direct marketing companies.


Amazon and Marketplace Services include:

  • Opportunity Assessment—for the new marketplace seller to evaluate channels, provide strategic recommendations and develop a brand launch plan.
  • Strategy & Consulting Services—high-level, personalized consulting designed for experienced marketplace sellers to take marketplace sales to the next level.
  • Detail Page Content Optimization to improve SERP, product discoverability and conversion via:
    • Product titles
    • Images
    • Bullet points and description
    • Keyword optimization
  • Amazon PPC Advertising—campaign development and management to drive incremental revenue and increase brand exposure, including:
    • Sponsored product ads
    • Product display and headline search ads (AMS)
    • Bid, budget and ROI management
    • Keyword research and development
    • Reporting
  • Advanced Content Development—providing the opportunity to tell a unique product story with additional copy, rich lifestyle images and specification charts. Advanced development services include:
    • Enhanced brand content
    • A+ content pages
    • Product videos
    • Copywriting, design and production services, as needed

Use the power of and other successful marketplaces to build sales and boost revenues. Contact CohereOne to learn more.

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