Analysis, Planning & Sourcing

Do your analysis, planning and sourcing homework before you start selling

You wouldn’t start building a house before you analyzed the real estate market, drew up complete construction plans and found the right sources for your materials. The same principle applies to your direct marketing merchandise.

CohereOne has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the critical steps of analysis, planning and sourcing.

Analysis: High-level merchandise analysis (category/subcategory) can expose over-assorted categories, misallocated advertising dollars and price points that are not consistent with customer expectations and profit goals. Detail-level analysis (item/SKU) can help point out unprofitable items needing replacement.

Planning: This phase must be started soon enough before purchasing to put controls and expectations in place and has to be reviewed at a horizon level (e.g., season) to ensure a longer-term perspective. CohereOne’s proprietary templates for analysis can help your business develop plans for your horizon.

Sourcing: Whether you choose domestic, domestic import or import product sourcing depends on your brand image and product types. CohereOne can help you navigate your sourcing challenges.

Domestic sourcing usually requires shorter lead times, but often costs more and gives you less control over product design and exclusivity.

Domestic import sourcing can cost slightly less and offer more design control and brand exclusivity. However, lead times are longer and under the importer’s control.

Import sourcing provides better product exclusivity and usually higher initial margins. On the other hand, product development and shipping take more time. Shipping times can be longer and airfreight expenses can negate lower product costs. You might also face quality-control issues and longer problem resolution. Customs regulations and letters of credit can pose more cost constraints.

Trust CohereOne to help you get the most value from your merchandise analysis, planning and sourcing. 

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