Raise your catalog ROI with CohereOne Design & Development services

For multichannel retailers, catalogs still account for the largest expenditure. If this is true for your organization, then you want your catalogs to do the best possible job of representing your brand and selling your products.

CohereOne’s Creative Design & Development services offer a solution that combines design and copy excellence with direct marketing savvy. Services include:

  • Establishing a brand-appropriate look and feel
  • Design and art direction
  • Project schedule
  • Initial page layouts and copy themes
  • Photography and photography art direction
  • Copy production

Make sure your catalog investment achieves maximum ROI with Creative Design & Development services from CohereOne.

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Email – Write, design, and code email messages as well as landing pages with creative direction to ensure they are in line with business strategy

Website – Your website reflects your brand. It needs to be spectacular.

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