Catalog Circulation Audit

Find powerful circulation management enhancements with a Catalog Circulation Strategic Marketing Audit

Alone or as part of a larger CohereOne Strategic Marketing Audit, your Catalog Circulation Audit will focus on areas where the latest thinking and technology can do the most good. The CohereOne circulation team brings more than 20 years of experience to the task.

Using Your Catalog Circulation Audit, your CohereOne consultant will help you:

  • Incorporate digital browsing behavior into an effective scoring model
  • Use “intent-based” digital browsing behavior to deliver 10-15% better results than traditional RFM-based methodologies
  • Develop a full-year plan to ensure that mailings are integrated into your overall contact strategy
  • Attain the highest levels of address hygiene
  • Develop multi-segmentation for higher-response mailings

Bring your catalog circulation efforts up to date with a CohereOne Audit.

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