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Optimize your online marketplace content to catch the eye and sell

Online marketplaces are notoriously fast-paced. You usually have only a few seconds to capture a viewer’s attention and make the sale. That’s why optimized content is so important.

CohereOne offers content experts who know how to generate and hold interest. For example, the basics of detail page content optimization aimed at improving SERP, product discoverability and conversion include:

• Keyword optimization
• Strong product titles
• Highly relevant bullet points and descriptions
• Emotive images

Handled well, these elements go a long way toward enhancing your position on marketplace sites, creating awareness and closing the sale.

For even stronger awareness and sales, CohereOne offers advanced content development providing the opportunity to tell a unique product story with optimized content, such as:

• Enhanced brand content
• A+ content pages
• Additional copy
• Rich lifestyle images
• Specification charts
• Product videos

Taking the time and making the effort to optimize online marketplace product content can make an impressive positive difference in sales. The content experts at CohereOne are ready to help..

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