Due Diligence and Valuations

Get the most value from your merger or acquisition with due diligence and valuations from CohereOne

For a buyer to receive the best value from purchasing or merging with another company, it’s critical to assess seven areas that affect how the business functions*:

  • The environment in which the business operates
  • Legal and environmental factors
  • Marketing operations
  • Production
  • Management
  • Information systems
  • Finances

Your CohereOne due diligence and valuations consultant, a former CEO- or CMO-level direct marketing leader, will provide you with a thorough and reliable due diligence report. This report will give you a firm basis on which to determine valuation.

Make sure you have all the facts before you buy or merge.

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*Harvey, M. G., and Lusch, R. F. (1995). “Expanding the nature and scope of due diligence.” Journal of Business Venturing. 10(1), 5-21.


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