Merchandise Planning

Find what sells and keep products selling with Merchandise Planning

Having the right products on hand at the right time is central to success in online marketplaces. With proper merchandise planning and sourcing, you can avoid problems like overstocking and understocking that eat into your bottom line.

CohereOne can help you with merchandise planning and sourcing to significantly improve sales and reduce costs through increased efficiency and avoid:

• Over-assorted categories
• Misallocated advertising dollars
• Price points that are not consistent with customer expectations and profit goals

Consultants from CohereOne offer:

Planning analytics. Started soon enough before purchasing to put controls and expectations in place, planning analytics must be reviewed at a horizon level (e.g., season) to ensure a longer-term perspective. CohereOne offers proprietary templates for analysis that can help your business develop plans for your horizon.
Sourcing analytics. You can choose from domestic, domestic import or import product sourcing. Your decision about which way to go depends on your brand image and product types. CohereOne has the analytical experience to aid you in navigating your sourcing challenges.

You can trust CohereOne to help you get the most value from your merchandise planning. 

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