Merge/Purge & Data Hygiene

Take full advantage of your merge/purge opportunities

Would you like to know about the biggest missed opportunities in your merge/purge strategy? If you’re like many direct marketers, you might start with under-use of merge flagging. In best practice reviews conducted with mid-size catalog companies, CohereOne has found easy fixes in this area that have delivered $1 million+ straight to the bottom line.

Proper use of the merge/purge is a rediscovered lost art.  CohereOne has developed sophisticated techniques to:

  • Reactivate older house names
  • Score various files
  • Optimize outside lists  

This reactivation, scoring and optimization leads to higher efficiencies and returns. How? By accomplishing three important objectives:

  • Mailing only to names with the highest response potential
  • Identifying the interaction between different groups of names by crafting the segmentation and priorities in the merge-purge
  • Isolating different types of multis for repetitive mailing

Once these objectives are met, CohereOne creates detailed instructions and circulation plan spreadsheets then supervises the process for each mailing during the year. Following the merge, CohereOne carefully selects from the merge output those names to be mailed, assigns key codes, and facilitates the delivery of mail files to the printer. 

When it comes to delivering the full potential of merge flagging, CohereOne does it all. Isn’t it time to go all in? 

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