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Go to the top on search engines and target small audiences with Paid Search

The quickest way to the top of search engine listings and the best way to target smaller audiences is to use paid search products. Your CohereOne consultant will help you obtain the best possible ROI from your paid search activities.

CohereOne provides these essential paid search services:

Google AdWords Setup and Management – Ensures immediate placement on the first page of search results for your keywords on Google and many other sites. You bid what you want to pay for each click on your link. CohereOne helps you determine a budget, create effective titles and descriptions and embed tracking mechanisms to measure your ROI.

Google AdWords and MS Bing Remarketing Setup and Management – Allows you to display ads to customers who have visited your website on Google’s or Bing’s extensive network of partners. Your brand gets more exposure to customers during the research and buying cycle.

Bing Ads Management – Promotes your products to a smaller, highly qualified audience. CohereOne evaluates and updates your account, helps determine budget and embeds mechanisms to measure ROI.

Raise your search engine rankings and reach your best prospects with CohereOne’s Paid Search services.

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