Use CohereOne’s Known Audience Marketing to bring back lapsed customers

What’s the difference between the new customers you’re looking for and the former customers you’d like to have back? The answer is that former customers could be easier to convert than potential customers. The secret lies with the data you might already have.

You probably know quite a bit about your former customers’ behavior – well beyond their transaction history. Chances are, through good modeling done with thorough cross-referencing among your data co-ops, you can see:

  • Which media they responded to and which failed
  • What kind of creative approach worked and what kind didn’t
  • Whether they responded to offers
  • What merchandise they preferred
  • What kind of timing was involved to engage and convert them

CohereOne’s Known Audience Marketing (KAM) can help you use the data to separate your former customers into targeted groups and put together a strategy to bring them back. 

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