Keep your customers coming back with CohereOne’s Known Audience Marketing

You can use CohereOne’s Known Audience Marketing (KAM) to get new customers, but how can it help with the customers you have now? Fortunately, you already know a lot about them, and you can use the data to hold onto them and make their shopping experience more pleasant – and more frequent.

The key is not the amount of data you have but the models your major data co-ops (Abacus, Datalogix, Wiland and KBM) are able to build through cross-referencing of results across the co-ops. This approach allows you to target specific audience groups. You learn not only transaction history but also the best media and marketing strategy to use with each group.

The ability to target groups within your overall audience allows you to develop highly efficient, effective marketing programs. That means your current customers are likely to make significantly more purchases.

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Acquisition – Use data co-ops the right way to find new customers

Reactivation – Bring back lapsed customers

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